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Report of Travel History to Xinfadi Market since May 30 Required

2020-06-15 11:14 北京外事

來源標題:Report of Travel History to Xinfadi Market since May 30 Required

From June 11 to 13, there have been 43 newly confirmed local cases in Beijing, all of whom are related to the Xinfadi Market.

Beijing is conducting screening and nucleic acid test on those who have been to the Xinfadi Market or have had contact with people from the market since May 30. This is carried out in an orderly way by communities. Since May 30, the abovementioned people should proactively and truthfully report to their community or employer, and go to the nearest medical institution with fever clinics as soon as possible. You can dial 120 to take a designated vehicle.

Beijing Center for Diseases Prevention and Control kindly reminds you to closely monitor your personal health. If there are any symptoms, you should go to the nearest hospital immediately. On your way to the hospital, wear a mask properly and avoid taking public transportation. We should try our best to achieve early detection, early report, early quarantine, and early treatment.

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